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Safe Pay

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Our Mission by Founder & Managing Director Matthew Borg

Why it started

You would hear horror stories from people about how they got scammed in a transaction for an item or a service. In some stories, you could immediately pick the flaws in a scam that some people fell for but in other stories, you could see yourself getting caught up in it. I have also personally been scammed in the past which is enough of a motivator for me that I would not want anyone to experience.

Expertise in finance

The team and I have many years of experience in the finance industry. We have worked with all different lenders and banks and we know exactly how the process works. Especially when it comes to vehicle payouts and the importance of privacy.

Experience in vehicle transport

In the last 10 years, I have gained an extensive amount of knowledge from the vehicle transport industry. Getting a detailed understanding of how vehicles get transported, the risks involved, and appreciating the ETA’s and how they are calculated.

The problem you’re trying to solve

Scams are evolving and becoming more intelligent and harder to avoid. With great systems, partners and a dedicated team we are aiming to safeguard people from being scammed in the Auto industry. Specifically, vehicle purchases. I believe with our service we have the ability to keep buyers and sellers safe from being scammed.

Keep your transactions safe with

Safe Pay’s state-of-the-art technology ensures that buyers and sellers can trust that their transactions are being processed quickly and accurately, with all necessary checks completed before releasing funds.

What is Safe pay Escrow?

Safe Pay is a service for buying or selling vehicles through our safe and trustworthy transaction platform. We act as a mediator, holding the buyer’s payment until all the necessary steps are completed. 

The steps include checking the vehicle’s condition, completing paperwork, and transferring ownership. Once everything is done, we quickly release the payment to the seller. This ensures buyers only pay when they receive the vehicle as expected, and sellers get paid once all requirements are met. 

With Safe Pay, we simplify the process and make it secure and transparent for vehicle transactions.

We Build Trust and Security in Online Transaction

To prove a trustworthy service, we go through several checks on each transaction to ensure safety transaction; these include

Vehicle PPSR Check

We conduct a thorough Vehicle PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) check. This check is crucial verifying the vehicle’s ownership and ensuring a clear title.

By examining the PPSR, we can determine if there are any extraordinary financial interests or limitations on the vehicle, such as loans or leases. This step assures buyers and sellers that the transport is free from unknown harms.

Verification of Identity

We always perform individual identity checks for all parties involved in the transaction. We understand the importance of dealing with legitimate individuals to ensure a safe and reliable trade.

By verifying the identities of buyers and sellers, we minimise the risk of fraudulent activity and protect all interests. Our rigorous identity checks contribute to a secure environment, allowing you to proceed confidently, knowing you are engaging with responsible people.

Verification of Funds

Safe Pay prioritises financial clarity and transparency in every vehicle transaction. Our vehicle payout validation check is designed to validate the accuracy of any unpaid finance on the vehicle.

By confirming the payout amount and ensuring that it aligns with the seller’s financial obligations, we protect buyers and sellers from potential complications.

Get Protection from Fraud

Safe Pay uses advanced payment processing technology to verify that the buyer has enough funds to complete the transaction. This helps prevent payment-related issues like insufficient funds or chargebacks.

Once all of these checks have been completed and the transaction has been approved, Safe Pay will release the funds to the seller. This helps ensure that the buyer receives the goods or services they paid for and that the seller receives payment for their work.

Stay Notified

Payment notifications provide you with real-time updates on your financial transactions. With payment notifications, you can stay informed about the status of your payments, whether you’re receiving or sending them.

Trust and Transparency

Transparency is at the core of our services. We foster open and honest communication between buyers and sellers, allowing them to discuss the transaction terms and resolve any concerns before proceeding. 

Your Partners on Safety: Our Partnerships and Certifications.

Safety and security are our top priorities. Our trusted escrow account for money transfers ensures your funds are held securely throughout the transaction process. We have developed strong industry partnerships and obtained relevant certifications to reinforce our commitment to safety further.

We proudly have inTraffic as our transport partner, ensuring reliable and efficient vehicle transportation. Additionally, our escrow account is held with the reputable Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), providing security for your funds.

Secure and Reliable Escrow Solutions

Our escrow process is a safeguard, ensuring both parties fulfil their obligations before releasing funds. With our unparalleled security measures and commitment to integrity, Safe Pay has become the go-to choice for people and businesses seeking a reliable escrow service provider.