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party in a secure way to ensure that all parties involved in a transaction
fulfil their obligations before releasing funds

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Protection Against Fraud

Fraudulent activities are an unfortunate reality in the digital world. However, with Safe Pay, you can avoid scams and fraudulent transactions. Our robust escrow system ensures funds are only released when the agreed-upon conditions are met. This protection eliminates the possibility of losing money to dishonest sellers or fraudulent buyers.

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How does work?

At Safe Pay, we guarantee your funds are 100% protected. The process is fast and requires no technical expertise, meaning your money stays safe in seconds!

Discover the ultimate escrow solution that delivers unmatched security and convenience with 4 easy steps

Protected in 4 Simple steps

Safe Pay is the perfect escrow service for anyone who values their safety and peace of mind. With 4 simple steps, users can be sure that their funds are secure with Safe Pay. The entire process is completed quickly without any technical knowledge – so your money can be safe in seconds!

Agree to the deal

The Buyer and Seller agree on the terms of their transaction, such as the price and conditions.

The buyer puts money in Safe Pay’s escrow

The Buyer transfers the funds to Safe-Pay’s escrow account, which holds the money securely until the transaction is complete.

Safe Pay takes collection of the Asset

The seller delivers the asset at one of our locations; once we have received the vehicle at the nearest depot, our team will verify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to ensure the vehicle is in the agreed terms.

Funds are released to the Seller

We only release the funds to the seller once the Safe Pay team verifies that the money from the buyer is available and clear; with this completed, the asset are then released to the buyer.

Why Choose Us?

Secure Payment Handling

Safe Pay acts as a trusted intermediary, ensuring that the funds involved in the transaction are held securely.

Sellers can be confident that the buyers committed the funds before releasing the product. And on the other hand, buyers can know that their payments will only be removed once they have received the vehicle in the expected condition.

Peace of Mind

We understand the emotional rollercoaster of vehicle transactions and desire to alleviate your anxiety, uncertainty, and stress. With Safe Pay as your partner, you can confidently embark on your vehicle journey, knowing your interests are protected.

Protection Against Fraud

Vehicle transactions can be vulnerable to fraudulent activities. Using an escrow service protects both parties against scams and deceitful practices. The funds are held securely until all the agreed-upon conditions, such as vehicle inspection or documentation verification, are met, minimising the risk of losing money to dishonest sellers or fraudulent buyers.

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At Safe Pay, we guarantee your funds are 100% protected. The process is fast and requires no technical expertise, meaning your money stays safe in seconds!


Frequently asked questions

What is Escrow?

Escrow is a legal arrangement where Safe Pay holds and manages assets and funds until the completion of a transaction between two parties. Safe Pay is an independent escrow agent, and is responsible for receiving, holding, and distributing the assets and funds according to the terms of the agreement reached by the parties involved.

Are you independent?

Yes,  Safe Pay is an independent escrow agent

What can this service be used for?

Our service can be used for any asset that our transport partner inTraffic can physically collect, hold and deliver.

Can Safe Pay only assist with interstate transactions?

Safe Pay has been used for interstate as well as same-state opportunities to ensure a safe and secure transaction. 

What if the vehicle I am purchasing has a payout?

We can assist with that too. Safe Pay will payout the official owing amount on the vehicle prior to the buyer receiving the asset.


Be informed every step of the way​

“You’re in good hands.”

Our Safe Pay Escrow Service offers protection and security for both buyers and sellers. With our service, you can be confident and informed every step of the way.

Keep your transactions safe with our Escrow Service:

Know exactly when your payment will be released

Get real-time updates on the status of your transaction

Have peace of mind knowing that your money is protected​


Customer feedback

Going through Safe Pay to inspect, pickup, pay for, transport, register and deliver my Porsche Macan S machine to my door, was like a totally autopilot experience with updates and feedback all the way!  But for the friendly staff that brought my experience back to reality at intervals, it felt like the entire service delivery was by automated AI. If you are after a seamless turbulence-free experience for your next deliveries, drive into Safe Pay!


As a first time user, the system worked well and I would use the service again.


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