Transport a Car Service

Looking to buy or sell a vehicle? Safe Pay can inspect, clean,
re—register and deliver any vehicle through our service with inTraffic.
No matter if it‘s a van, SUV, Toyota Corolla, Lamborghini or classical car.

Get all the services you need in one-stop to receive your new car and have it ready to drive.

Add on Interstate Vehicle Transfer

We know what you’re thinking. This market has made it harder than ever to buy a second-hand car. Have your heart set on a car that’s in a different state?

Now you can count on a secure third party to securely transfer the funds and the vehicle.

Choose to get a Vehicle Transport Service with Safe Pay for additional charges, and we’ll look after the whole process.

Start to Finish Vehicle Transport Services


Used vehicle? inTrafiic will conduct an inspection to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy prior to registration with detailed reports and accurate information.


We can register new and used vehicles Australia-wide. Process business, private and special condition registration on your behalf. We can even transfer registration in the same name from one state to another.

Cleaning and Detailing

A new purchase feels more ‘new’ when your car arrives sparkling clean. inTrarrrc’s dedicaled detailing team hand cleans cars with premium cleaning products so cars arrive in stunning condition.

Transit Warranty

Every car is covered with a full transit warranty. for protection against damage while in transit (excluding force majeur).

Tracked Delivery

Once your vehicle is in transit, the buyer will be able to track the movements of the delivery throughout the journey.

Extra Protection

Looking to transfer a special vehicle? We otter a prestigious enclosed or RAFT service for new model cars, classic cars, or luxury vehicles for extra protection throughout the commute.

How It Works – Vehicle Transfer

Request a Quote

Fill out our online form with your vehicle details and transport requirements.

Choose Your Transport Option

Select the transport option that best suits your needs, and we’ll give you a personalised quote:

Standard Service – delivered through commute or on an open center

Enclosed – delivered in an enclosed trailer for extra protection.

RAPT – enclosed and utmost care in delivery for race, classic, rare and luxury vehicles.

Schedule Pickup (Seller)

Coordinate the pickup of your vehicle with our logistics team.
We’ll work around your schedule to ensure a convenient and efficient pickup process.

Track Your Shipment (Buyer)

Stay informed about the progress of your vehicle transport through our real-time tracking system. You can easily monitor its journey every step of the way so you can be sure to be there yourself or have someone else be there to receive the vehicle.

Why Choose Safe Pay & lnTrafflc for your Vehicle Transfer?

Safety and Security

We prioritise the safety and security of your vehicle throughout the transportation process. Our team of experienced professionals follows strict protocols to look after your vehicle and ensure it arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

Nationwide Coverage

Our extensive network of transport partners means we can provide nationwide coverage across Australia. No matter where your vehicle needs to go, we have the resources and capabilities to deliver.

Full Warranty on all Transit-related Damage

Rest assured that your vehicle is fully protected during transportation. We provide comprehensive coverage against transit damage on any vehicle in our care including excluding force majure (acts of God including stone chips, fires and floods).