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Frequently asked questions


What is an escrow service?

An escrow service acts as a neutral third party to add security to transactions, particularly for high-ticket items like transport, real estate, and other sales online. It ensures that both parties involved adhere to the terms of the contract and protects them from misrepresentation and fraud, by holding funds or assets until specific conditions are met.

How much does it cost to use Safe Pay’s escrow service in transport transactions?

Safe Pay’s escrow fees are a percentage of the transaction amount or at a minimum $250.

The amount can be paid by the buyer, or the seller, or split 50/50 between both parties.

You can use our Calculator tool to get a quote.

Why is escrow important in transport transactions?

Escrow provides security and protection for both buyers and sellers in transport transactions. It helps prevent fraud and ensures that the agreed-upon conditions are met before the funds are released.

With an escrow service like Safe Pay, buyers can have confidence that their payment will be held securely until they receive the transport vehicle in the expected condition, and sellers can be assured that the buyer has made a commitment to the purchase before the funds are released.

What is a car transport service?

A car transport service transfers a vehicle from one location to another. It’s a crucial offering for anyone or any business that needs to safely and securely transport vehicles over long distances. Car transport services usually have specialised carriers or trailers to transport vehicles without any damage, or new wear and tear.

What is covered in a car transportation services warranty?

– Any transit damage caused by negligent drivers

– Damage caused by loading or unloading a vehicle 

– Damage caused by moving the vehicle at the depots.

– Read more about it inTraffic’s Terms and conditions

How much is Safe Pay’s car transport service?

The cost of using our car transport service will vary depending on the vehicle, size, distance and additional transfer services if selected.

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